Welcome Guru Manjula and Rhythmic Dance Academy to KCdesi

We are delighted to welcome Guru Manjula Sree and Rhythmic Dance Academy (RDA) to the KCdesi community as our newest KCdesi Partner!

Established in 2008 by Mrs. Manjula Sree, Rhythmic Dance Academy has become a beacon of excellence in the world of Indian classical dance, particularly Kuchipudi. With a vision rooted in providing personalized attention and nurturing individual talent, RDA has been instrumental in encouraging young children and adults alike to embark on the enriching journey of Kuchipudi. Under the expert guidance of Mrs. Manjula Sree, who trained under the esteemed Mrs. Rajeshwari Garu, students at RDA receive comprehensive training that hones their technique, expression, and performance skills.

Guru Manjula’s dedication to teaching, choreographing, and community volunteering has not only spread the beauty of Kuchipudi but also fostered a supportive and inspiring environment for her students. Her commitment to regular practice and the pursuit of perfection ensures that every student at RDA has the opportunity to reach their full potential and shine on stage.

Rhythmic Dance Academy is also actively involved in presenting charity shows to raise funds for those in need, reflecting their deep commitment to community service through the art of dance. These performances provide valuable stage experience for students while contributing to meaningful causes.

We are thrilled to have Guru Manjula and Rhythmic Dance Academy join the KCdesi family, bringing their rich cultural heritage and artistic excellence to our community. Welcome aboard, and we look forward to many years of collaboration and celebration of Indian classical dance!