Casting Call for Disenchanted – Theater In The Park

Absolutely a Golden Opportunity for Actors in the Desi Community!

THEATRE IN THE PARK (TIP), one of the nation’s largest community theatres, is searching for two performers for their upcoming production of DISENCHANTED.  DISENCHANTED is an ADULT take on what happens AFTER the happily ever after.  This production, rated PG-17, is a hilarious romp through many princess stories that is SURE to keep the audience laughing throughout.  As TIP’s casting policy states, we strive to be culturally conscious as it pertains to social and historical content.  Therefore for DISNECHANTED we will only produce the show if the proper performers are found for each princess.

After our open call we are looking for two additional performers to join our cast.


Princess Badroulbadour

Originally from the South-Asian-turned-Middle-Eastern Aladdin sagas, this sultan’s daughter has had enough of being secondary in her own tale. Misogyny begone! It’s a whole new world and this independent and puckish princess is taking her story back! Actress should be South-Asian or Middle Eastern.

The Princess Who Kissed The Frog

Having been left out of the kingdom for decades, this Black princess is here to claim her throne and celebrate inclusivity and diversity in fairy tales. Confident; clever with a turn of phrase, loves a funny pop culture reference. Wonderfully witty; joyous. Actress should be Black.

Rehearsals run from August 25th through September 27th typically from Sunday – Thursday in the evenings.  Disenchanted performs October 4th through October 20th with 11 public performances.  Rehearsals and Performances take place at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center at 8788 Metcalf.

Performers who are available and interested should send an email of interest to Daniel Vazquez, Stage Manager, at  A self tape audition will be necessary and a possible in person audition may be scheduled.  For more information, please contact us at any time!

Guy Gardner
Associate Artistic Director, Theatre in the Park | Performing Arts Specialist
Johnson County Park and Recreation District
Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center
8788 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66212
Direct: 913-826-3062
Main: 913-826-2787

Visit Theatre in the Park at   |   Follow TIP on Facebook & Instagram

Celebrating Guru Purnima: Honoring Our Teachers and Guides

Guru Purnima is a deeply revered and ancient festival that honors teachers and spiritual guides, celebrated by millions across India and the world. This auspicious day falls on the full moon (Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June-July). It is a time when students and disciples express their gratitude and seek blessings from their gurus—those who have illuminated their path with wisdom and knowledge.

For the Indian diaspora in Kansas City, Guru Purnima is an opportunity to connect with cultural roots and participate in traditional rituals. It’s a day to remember the significant role that teachers and mentors play in shaping our lives, whether they are spiritual leaders, academic instructors, or anyone who has provided guidance and inspiration.

But Guru Purnima isn’t just for those with Indian heritage. It’s a universal celebration of respect and appreciation for those who impart knowledge and wisdom. It transcends cultural boundaries, offering a chance for everyone to reflect on the mentors in their own lives and to celebrate the spirit of learning and guidance.

In Kansas City, the Hindu Temple of Kansas City and other local establishments often host special events and celebrations for Guru Purnima. These events include prayer ceremonies, cultural performances, and communal meals, providing a wonderful opportunity for both the Indian community and those curious about Indian traditions to come together and celebrate.

Join us this Guru Purnima to honor and appreciate the teachers and guides who have made a difference in your life. Look for celebrations at the Hindu Temple of Kansas City and other local venues, and immerse yourself in this beautiful tradition of gratitude and reverence.

Stay connected with for updates on local events and celebrations. Let’s come together to celebrate the spirit of Guru Purnima in Kansas City!

For a list of all upcoming Desi Events in KC – bookmark this page:

Welcoming Dr. Kanwal Chaudry as a KCdesi Partner

Welcoming Dr. Kanwal Chaudry as a KCdesi Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Kanwal Chaudry, a distinguished physician and general pediatrician, is now a valued partner of KCdesi. Dr. Chaudry brings with her a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the health and well-being of children in our community.

Happy Kids Pediatrics

About Dr. Kanwal Chaudry
Dr. Chaudry completed her internship and residency at the prestigious Kansas University Medical Center, graduating in 2010. Since then, she has been board-certified with the American Academy of Pediatrics, affirming her expertise and dedication to pediatric care. Her remarkable journey includes over a decade of serving the United States Military as a general pediatrician at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, from 2011 to 2022. During this period, she provided exceptional care to both active and retired military families, earning their trust and respect.

As a mother of two, Dr. Chaudry understands the joys and challenges of parenthood. Her passion extends beyond her professional life as she enjoys meeting new people, experiencing new adventures, traveling, volunteering, and spending quality time with family and friends. Dr. Chaudry’s dedication to her children and the children she cares for shines through in her practice and community involvement.

Happy Kids Pediatrics: A Unique Approach to Pediatric Care

Dr. Chaudry’s clinic, Happy Kids Pediatrics, stands out as a beacon of specialized care for children. Here’s why Happy Kids Pediatrics is the go-to choice for many families:

Specialized Pediatric Care

Unlike generic urgent care clinics, Happy Kids Pediatrics focuses exclusively on pediatrics. Dr. Chaudry and her team believe in the importance of specialized care for children, recognizing that their health requires a unique approach compared to family care or internal medicine.

Pediatric Urgent Care Experts

Happy Kids Pediatrics goes beyond standard pediatric care by offering specialized pediatric urgent care. When urgent care needs arise, parents can trust that their children will receive expert treatment tailored to the nuances of pediatric health.

Comprehensive Pediatric Services

From routine check-ups to vaccinations, developmental screenings, and urgent care, Happy Kids Pediatrics offers a wide range of services to support children’s health at every stage of their growth. Dr. Chaudry and her team prioritize your child’s well-being, ensuring a holistic approach to their health.

Emphasis on Mental Health and Developmental Concerns

Understanding that mental health and developmental concerns are just as important as physical health, Happy Kids Pediatrics provides comprehensive care for conditions such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, Tourette’s syndrome, developmental delays, school and academic problems, and behavioral problems. Dr. Chaudry and her team are dedicated to supporting the mental, emotional, and developmental well-being of children, offering compassionate care and effective treatment plans.

A Warm and Welcoming Environment

At Happy Kids Pediatrics, creating a positive experience for both children and parents is paramount. The clinic’s warm and welcoming environment makes every visit a pleasant one, reducing anxiety and fostering trust.

Community Commitment

Happy Kids Pediatrics views itself as an integral part of the community, connecting families, healthcare providers, and school officials to achieve the best results for children. The clinic follows specialty guidelines and practice standards, including those of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Chaudry and her team take pride in the relationships they build within the community and the partnerships they establish with other healthcare providers and schools.

Schedule an Appointment

To experience the exceptional care at Happy Kids Pediatrics, contact them now to schedule your in-person or telemedicine appointment. Enjoy walk-in appointments or secure a telemedicine appointment within just one hour. Urgent care out-of-office appointments are also accessible for your convenience.

Join Us in Welcoming Dr. Chaudry

We are excited to welcome Dr. Kanwal Chaudry to the KCdesi family. Her expertise, dedication, and compassionate approach to pediatric care are invaluable assets to our community. We look forward to the positive impact she will continue to make on the lives of many families.

For more information about Dr. Chaudry and Happy Kids Pediatrics, please visit Happy Kids Pediatrics.

Also know more about her Practice by visiting Dr Chaudry’s Business Listing Page on KCdesi – Click Here!

11/16 India Nite 2024 – JCCC Yardley Hall

India Nite is Kansas City Indian community’s oldest and largest premier annual cultural event! India Nite 2024 promises to be even more grand and fun than ever before with dances of Bollywood, Regional, Folk and Indian Classical origins.

India Nite 2024 will be held on November 16th, 2024 starting at 2 PM

The venue is Yardley Hall at Midwest Trust Center, Johnson County Community College


Bikanervala is now in Overland Park – Grand Opening July 3

The famous and happening place Bikanervala is now in Overland Park, the ONLY other place in USA outside of New Jersey.

8669 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223

Grand Opening July 3rd

Traditional taste that goes back to several generations, recipes that have been handed down as precious family heirlooms from one generation to another, a definitive will to bring good taste to a larger audience and an almost missionary zeal to create an everlasting imprint. The Bikanervala saga has the right admixture of all these in equal parts. Fifty years ago, two intrepid sweet makers made the journey from their home town Bikaner to India’s bustling capital city. They brought with them secrets of sweet making as their capital and enthusiasm to present a very different culinary experience to the people who till now were exposed to a very different kind of savories. Today, Bikanerwala has achieved global recognition and after India, UAE, New Zealand, Nepal, Bikanerwala is ready to establish a strong foothold in the United States.


Welcome Nrityam School of Dance: Master Bharatnatyam with Guru Ketaki Ghanekar

We are delighted to announce that the Nrityam School of Dance is now a proud partner of KCdesi! This partnership is an exciting opportunity for our community to embrace the rich cultural heritage of Bharatnatyam, a classical Indian dance form that beautifully combines Perfection and Beauty. We warmly invite everyone to join Nrityam and embark on a journey of self-expression through the graceful art of Bharatnatyam.


Watch out – USA Men’s Olympic Soccer Team to face Japan for Final Pre-Olympic Match IN KC

Exclusive pictures direct from the event coming later today!


Another marquee event for soccer fans in Kansas City: The US Men’s team, heading back to the Olympics for the first time since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, will play their final preparation match against Asian champions Japan at Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas City this evening. It’s going to be an exciting match as the youngsters (Olympic soccer players need to be under the age of 23) take on Japan. This match is crucial as it will help them fine-tune their strategies and teamwork before they head to Paris to compete against host France on July 24th. Fans are eagerly anticipating a thrilling display of talent and determination. Good luck, Team USA!

Stay tuned, as KCdesi will be posting exclusive pictures from the event! You won’t want to miss these behind-the-scenes moments and highlights from the match.

Kansas City Music Lovers Enchanted by Pandit Ronu Majumdar’s Mesmerizing Flute Concert

Kansas City Music Lovers Enchanted by Pandit Ronu Majumdar’s Mesmerizing Flute Concert

Kansas City, June 8th 2024 – The Kansas City music community, under the banner of the Association of Bengalis Kansas City Sangam, was honored to host the legendary flute maestro Pandit Ronu Majumdar. The highly anticipated concert took place at Goppert Theatre, Avila University, and was an unforgettable evening filled with divine melodies and soulful performances.

Panditji commenced the evening with a beautiful composition in Raga Saraswati, captivating the audience from the first note. Performing alongside him was his son, Hrishikesh, a role model for the younger generation pursuing Indian classical music. The concert also featured compositions in Ragas Khamaj and Kedar, showcasing the depth and versatility of Panditji’s musicianship. Accompanying them on the tabla was the immensely talented Subhajyoti Guha, whose rhythms perfectly complemented the enchanting flute.

Panditji imparted wisdom to the audience, saying, “It is not important how well or how fast you are playing. How sensibly you are playing makes you a great musician.”

The second half of the concert explored different genres of Indian music, including Rabindra sangeet, Bhatiyali, Kirtan, and folk. Panditji shared his rich musical journey, recalling his collaborations with the legendary Bollywood music composer and singer R. D. Burman. He dedicated a part of the concert to songs from their time together, with local percussion artist Siddharth Choudhury joining on Cajon and other percussion instruments.

The evening concluded with a Marathi devotional song, Abhang, leaving the audience in awe. Throughout the two-and-a-half-hour event, Panditji entertained and engaged the audience with stories behind many of his great compositions, created alongside various legendary music composers.

The audience was completely enchanted and remained glued to their seats until the very end, mesmerized by the ethereal music. This concert was an extraordinary experience that will be cherished by all who witnessed it in person.

IAKC Members Only: Learn from Experienced

Learning from the Experienced

This is a FREE event but for IAKC members only.

Join us in our, open to all, interactive event to gather invaluable advice and tips on preparing for college applications and gain insight into securing a successful admission!
The focus will be on UMKC 6 year BA/MD (medicine) program!!


06/20 – 06/23 – Learn Hindustani Music and Abhang from KC’s own Snehal ji

Snehal Deshpande Music Workshop 2024

Learn Hindustani Music and Abhangs this summer from Snehalji!

Unlock the enchanting world of Hindustani Classical Music and Abhang with the renowned Snehal Deshpande. Our immersive music workshop offers two tailored sessions for both adults and children, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. Session 1 for adults runs from June 20 to June 23 at an affordable $125 per person. Dive into the basics of Hindustani classical music, learn soulful Abhangs and Bhajans, explore the fundamentals of Tabla and Taal, and engage in fun vocal exercises that will enhance your musical prowess.

Session 2, designed specifically for kids, takes place from June 25 to June 29 at $150 per person. This program promises an engaging and educational journey through the captivating realms of classical music and rhythmic patterns. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or simply wish to deepen your appreciation of this rich musical heritage, this workshop offers a perfect blend of learning and fun. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from a master! Click here to enroll now or contact us at (913)-235-8469 or for more information.

Snehal Deshpande Music Workshop 2024
Snehal Deshpande Music Workshop 2024

Overland Park Pool Season is ON!

Get ready to dive into summer fun because pool season is officially open in Overland Park, KS! It’s time to grab your swimsuits, sunscreen, and flip-flops to make the most of the sun-soaked days ahead. Whether you’re looking to splash around with the family, practice your strokes, or simply lounge by the water, the city’s outdoor pools offer the perfect escape. Mark your calendars and enjoy every moment of the poolside bliss until the season wraps up.


  • All outdoor pools open for the season May 26, 2024, from noon to 7 p.m.
  • Holiday Hours are noon to 5 p.m. on July 4.
  • Bluejacket, Stonegate, and Young’s Pool close for the season on Aug. 6, 2024.
  • Beginning Aug. 7, Tomahawk Ridge Aquatic Center will operate Monday-Friday from 4-7 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 12-7 p.m.
  • Tomahawk Ridge Aquatic Center closes for the season on September 2, 2024.

Rekha Sharma-Crawford Honored with “Professional Leader of the Year Award” by Asian American Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO — May 16, 2024 — Rekha Sharma-Crawford, the esteemed founder and co-partner at Sharma Crawford Attorneys at Law, and the president of the board for the clinic at Sharma Crawford, has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the community and her relentless advocacy for justice in immigration law. The Asian Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City proudly bestows upon her the “Professional Leader of the Year Award” in recognition of her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Rekha Sharma-Crawford Honored "Professional Leader of the Year" @ Asian American Chamber of Commerce
Prev 1 of 1 Next
Prev 1 of 1 Next

In her acceptance speech, Rekha Sharma-Crawford shared her journey into immigration practice, driven by a profound sense of outrage at the injustices she witnessed. “The way I ended up in immigration practice is because I was outraged at what I was watching and seeing, so that’s how I ended up here,” she remarked. Her dedication to addressing the lack of due process and the systemic flaws within the immigration system has been the cornerstone of her career.

Mary Sanchez, senior reporter at Kansas City PBS, commended Rekha’s ability to demystify the complexities of immigration law with compassion and clarity. “She’s really able to explain really complicated nuances of immigration law, but in a way that is compassionate to a listener who perhaps, you know, doesn’t really have any background in that law,” Sanchez noted.

Rekha Sharma-Crawford’s impact extends beyond her legal practice, as she recognized the need to fill the gap in nonprofit removal defense services in Kansas City. Through the clinic at Sharma Crawford, she provides crucial support to individuals facing deportation, offering them the representation they deserve in immigration court. “The clinic provides nonprofit removal defense because there’s no right to a lawyer in immigration court,” Rekha explained.

Kelly Stump, president-elect of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, emphasized the significance of Rekha’s work in a challenging field. “Rekha’s work is so important because we’re losing immigration attorneys in our nation. The removal defense work is… tough,” Stump acknowledged. Despite the difficulties, Rekha Sharma-Crawford remains undeterred, dedicated to training new attorneys and advocating for the defenseless.

Rekha Sharma-Crawford’s unwavering commitment to justice and her relentless pursuit of a fairer immigration system have left an indelible mark on the Kansas City community and beyond. As she continues to fight for the rights of the vulnerable and strive for greater understanding and fairness, her legacy as a true professional leader shines brightly.

About Rekha Sharma-Crawford:

Rekha Sharma-Crawford is the founder and co-partner at Sharma Crawford Attorneys at Law, where she specializes in immigration law. As the president of the board for the clinic at Sharma Crawford, she provides vital support to individuals facing deportation. Rekha is renowned for her dedication to justice and her advocacy for immigrant rights.

About the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City:

The Asian Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City is dedicated to promoting economic growth, cultural diversity, and collaboration within the Asian community and beyond. Through networking opportunities, advocacy initiatives, and community engagement, the chamber supports businesses and professionals in achieving their goals and fostering a thriving business environment.

About is a premier community portal serving the Indian community in and around Kansas City and its suburbs. With comprehensive listings of local businesses, free event listings, and classified ads, is a vital resource for residents and visitors alike. Additionally, maintains a large email database of Indians in the region, facilitating communication and connection within the community. Through its commitment to promoting cultural exchange, supporting local businesses, and fostering community engagement, plays a pivotal role in enriching the fabric of the Kansas City area.

Community Update: Aarya Chopade Earns Distinction in Hindustani Vocals

We are thrilled to announce that Aarya Chopade of Overland Park, Kansas, has achieved Distinction in Level 2 of the IndianRaga Certification for Hindustani Vocals! This prestigious honor is awarded to a select few applicants who demonstrate excellence and high standards in their genre and level.

IndianRaga, a renowned platform for promoting Indian classical arts, praised Aarya’s accomplishments:

“CONGRATULATIONS to Aarya Chopade of Overland Park, Kansas for receiving Distinction in Level 2 of the IndianRaga Certification for Hindustani Vocals! Select few applicants receive this honor for demonstrating excellence and high standards in their genre and level.”

Aarya, reflecting on this achievement, shared:

“Taking the exam makes you confident and defines the level you have reached. I was able to learn about four different Ragas – their Aroha, Avroha, Lakshan Geet, and Bandish. I am very grateful to my teacher Mrs. Rrucha Bapat, Saptak Music School, Overland Park, KS, for being an incredible teacher. Her guidance and passion for music have been truly inspiring. Her patience, knowledge, and dedication have not only enhanced my musical abilities but also enriched my love for music.” extends our heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Rrucha Bapat, whose exceptional teaching and mentorship have played a crucial role in Aarya’s success. Aarya’s family and friends also deserve recognition for their unwavering support throughout his musical journey.

This accomplishment is a testament to the thriving Indian classical music community in Kansas City, and we encourage aspiring musicians and dancers to pursue their certification with IndianRaga. Apply today at!

Once again, congratulations to Aarya Chopade, Mrs. Rrucha Bapat, and everyone involved in this remarkable achievement!

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