World Cultural Festival – 2023

A healthy and happy mind is recognized by all of us as being vital for our well being. The past few years have been very challenging – the pandemic, climate change, the war and its resulting impact on the economy is affecting all of us. There have been increased reports of depression and anxiety even in young adults ever since the pandemic started. Addressing mental health issues is becoming vital not only for an individual but to our society as a whole. *The Art of living has been working relentlessly through the times to battle depression and mental health issues with its well researched techniques of the Sudarshan kriya and meditation.*

*Many of us have experienced the huge benefits of these practices in our daily lives and our well being.* The monumental spread of Art of living to over 180 countries is a testimony of the impact it has made to individuals even in very remote towns and cities all over the world.
*In order to spread the message of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” meaning “The world is one family”, the Art of living is organizing a World Culture Festival at the National Mall, Washington DC. It is meant to convey a message to humanity that we are ONE and can co-exist peacefully respite our differences.*

Lets Celebrate Giving Tuesday by showing our support to
WCF 2023.

*WCF: The Largest Celebration of Diversity!*
A Cultural Olympics happening at the National Mall, Washington DC, USA 🇺🇸 in Sept 2023!!

If each one of us donate a few dollars we can easily raise a couple thousands towards the World Culture Festival.

*We have a limited-time match opportunity to double our impact.* Any donations for WCF 2023 received between now till today,November 30th will be matched up to $400,000.

*You can donate online here*

Or *at My Team page “Giving is Joy”*

*Thank you so much for your support!!!*🙏


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Previous WCFs
World Culture Festival I – 2 million attendees – Bangalore, India. 2006
World Culture Festival II – 50,000 attendees – Berlin, Germany. 2011
World Culture Festival III – 3,75 million attendees – New Delhi, India. 2016