Winter Weather Update – Lenexa

Snow is expected to begin around midnight tonight (21st Dec) and last until noon on Thursday . The forecast calls for 1-4 inches of snow.

Temperatures will plummet and become dangerously cold after midnight. Winds will create blizzard-like conditions and blowing and drifting snow all day Thursday and into Friday. Wind chills are expected to be around -20 degrees for the daytime and as low as -35 degrees overnight Thursday.

Our crews begin 12-hour shifts soon and will treat all roads starting around 7 p.m. tonight, getting ahead of the storm. Frigid temperatures bring extra, challenges for treating roads. We will concentrate on keeping arterials and main collectors open.

Please be safe and remain patient as City crews work to treat and clear streets. For the latest updates and tp read FAQs about Lenexa’s snow removal plan, visit