Update from KC MO City Market!

While many vendors accept credit/debit cards, not all of the do for a variety of reasons:
1) Many of them find it slows down their line where cash and tokens are much quicker
2) The transaction fees for the vendor can often be more than the purchase itself
3) Religious reasons don’t allow them to use technology.

However, the Market Info Booth accepts credit/debit cards without a transaction fee in exchange for a $5 green token. One green token acts just like $5 bill and you can purchase any amount many you want and the tokens never expire.

Here are the benefits to using tokens:
All tokens have been sterilized and City staff has protocol in place to follow CDC guidelines for minimal contact.
1) They’re faster than a credit cards
2) You can still get cash back (or just leave a little tip for the vendor)
3) You’re keeping the vendor from paying a transaction fee
4) You’ll only have one OPFM transaction instead of several transactions from different vendors
5) Tokens are also a good option if you don’t have enough cash on hand
6) Most importantly, if you choose to use a credit or debit card, make sure the vendor isn’t connected to public WiFi so your personal data can’t be compromised. The Market Info Booth transactions are done through a secure line keeping your safety a top priority.