Telugu Association of KC inviting Self Nominations for 2023

Dear TAGKC Member,

The current TAGKC board of trustees has asked us to serve as the “Nominating and Election Committee” for the 2023 nominations and elections to fill President of TAGKC Executive Committee position within TAGKC. The term of this office is one year, with an option to extend by another year upon voting by Board of Trustees. We are currently inviting/accepting nominations for this position to serve as the leader of TAGKC Executive Committee for 2023.


According to Article 2 of TAGKC By-Laws the following criteria must be met to be considered for the position:

The President of the Executive Committee shall be nominated and gets voted on by the TAGKC members (Life /General) with full dues paid for the current year. In order to serve as President of Executive Committee, he/she should have served in the Executive Committee in the past for at least two (2) of the last five (5) years. The term of the President of the Executive Committee will be for one (1) calendar year, which could be extended by another year by majority Board of Trustees vote.  The term of the President of the Executive Committee can be for a maximum period of two (2) calendar years.

If you are interested or know anyone that has a desire to be part of this great team, please submit your nomination (with the candidate’s Name, Ph# and Email address) by expressing your interest to serve in TAGKC’s Executive Committee by 12PM on SaturdayDecember 26th 2022 to

You must be an active member (general/life) with dues fully paid in order to be eligible for this nomination. It would be helpful if you or the person nominating you can describe your involvement in working with the Telugu Community in Kansas City area in about 5-10 sentences. Your timely response will be greatly appreciated.

If you are aware of any TAGKC member that did not receive this notification, please bring it to our attention, so that We can ensure that they are included in this process. Also, if you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to Email us at

Best Regards,

TAGKC Election Committee 2023

Prashanthi Chalasani

Saritha Guduputi

Dr. Deepthi Vodnala