TAGKC Diwali Celebrations – Nov 11 3PM

2023 దీపావళి వేడుకలకు స్వాగతం !!

Registration for the event starts at 2.00 PM
and the program starts at 3.00 PM.

Date: Saturday, Nov 11th, 2023
Time: Registration starts at 2.00 PM followed by Programs & Grab Dinner Box
Venue: Blue Valley NorthWest High School 13260 Switzer Rd, Overland Park, KS 66213

Free entry for All TAGKC Members
For nonmembers $20 entry fee each
Free entry for visiting parents
$10 Event participation entree fee
We would like to request all those who are participating in program events to be at the venue before 2.00 PM. It’s critical that you get to the auditorium on time so that we can start the show on time. Cooperation from you all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all again for your continuous support of TAGKC.

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Rules for Diwali Event

1. For kids wanting to perform in multiple performances they cannot dance in two performances in the same genre (Genre=Classical, Telugu folk, Movie songs).

2. Any instances that involve kids performing for multiple songs in the same genre, it is ONLY allowed after TAGKC’s Executive Committee’s decision.

3. For kids below High school, minimum 4 kids in one group.

4. A complete non-Telugu medley/full length non-Telugu song is not allowed. You can pick other language songs but make sure Telugu song/songs are included in the medley.

5. Same song repetition is allowed only twice through the program (once in adults group and another in a kids group). Please check the public google spreadsheet songs list shared by TAGKC before you select songs.

6. Please note that your registration is not finalized until you select the song and let TAGKC’s program committee know.

7. Maximum duration of the song for dance performances is 6 minutes. For all other programs, please reach out to TAGKC Program Committee’s Teacher’s WhatsApp group.

8. TAGKC reserves all the rights when it comes to sequencing of the programs. If there are any unforeseen circumstances that are preventing you from adhering to this rule, TAGKC Executive Committee will discuss to see how we can accommodate such requests. But please note that, TAGKC reserves the right to make the final decision and no changes will be allowed on the day of the event. We request all the teacher’s utmost attention to this matter to help us pull off a successful event.

9. Any song changes should be communicated to registrations@tagkc.net as soon as the change has been made so that we can assure that there is no repetition of the songs.

10. If you(teachers) have any additional questions, please reach out to TAGKC Program Committee’s Teacher’s WhatsApp group for seamless/transparent communication. Any agreements/ arrangements made outside of the WhatsApp group will not be honored by TAGKC on the day of the event.

Please note that based on the collective feedback received from the audience, TAGKC’s Program Committee and teachers, TAGKC’s Executive Committee has come up with the above rules.

As always, we appreciate your support to put together a successful event.