TAGKC Announces New Leadership for 2021

The Telugu Association of Greater Kansas City and its Election Committee of 2021 has announced on the results of the 2021 Elections for the leading the 2021 TAGKC season.

Mr. Srikanth Ravikanti, who is currently an existing Board member, has been nominated and elected unanimously (by the current Board of Trustees) as the Trust Board Chairman effective Jan 1, 2021 for one-year term.
Mr. Sharat Tekulapally, who is currently the Vice-President for 2020 Executive Committee has been unanimously selected to lead the TAGKC organization as the President of Executive Committee for 2021.
Mr. Srinu Kumar Gadiraju. has also been unanimously elected to the TAGKC Board of Trustees effective January 1, 2021 for a two-year term (2021 – 2022).

KCdesi joins the community in extending congratulations to these individuals and thanks them for their service.

The TAGKC Election Committee for 2021 included Praveena Kode, Ram Guduputi, and Suresh Gundu. More information on TAGKC and its team members is available at http://tagkc.net/.