Fundraising Event organized by ABKC-Sangam

Recently, on June 27, we had organized a FREE Facebook Live Fund Raising event with an intention to donate to Harvesters and Operation Breakthrough Kansas City. Part of the money we wanted to send to India too to help Covid/Amphan victims. We thought to help our local community and extended community in this current pandemic situation.

Name of the event was “Romantic Melodies with Sunil Mungee”. We have raised $7000 in this endeavor. Marissa Cage from Harvesters and Melanie Hungerford from Operation Breakthrough had participated in this concert This Facebook video has been reached to 23873 people in USA & INDIA and around 9400 people have watched the video. Below is the link of this video posted on YouTube too.

We have a plan to organize such kind of Fundraising events every year to help our community

It’s our request to you to encourage our effort by publishIng this story in your channel, if you find it worthy.