Spirit Of Enquiry – Art of Living Wisdom

Question – Gurudev, is spirit of
enquiry most important or dispassion?

Gurudev Sri Sri – When you watch television, what is important, seeing or hearing?Be natural. Don’t sit with too many concepts. Free the freedom. Don’t burden yourself with too much understanding. Too much analysis is as bad as no analysis at all. Take the middle path. You need to breathe in, that is passion. You need to breathe out, that is dispassion. Both are essential. You can’t say I only want dispassion. What do you want dispassion for? There is something in you which is
beyond dispassion. Dispassion is breathing out. Why should one breathe out? So that you can take a breath in again. Why are you breathing in? So that you can breathe out again. So, in life, all three are needed – passion, dispassion and compassion.