Richa is asking – Please Vote For Me

Hi there KCDesis!

I hope you listen to this piece and consider voting for my humble attempt at it! You do not have to enter any personal info to vote and it is one simple click on the below page:

Please click the link and click on the ‘Vote’ button. THANK YOU.

I recently submitted a song for the 3iii music competition and would love if you could support me.

My name is Richa Vallurupalli, and I am 17 years old.

I’ve been learning Carnatic music and Kuchipudi since I was four and love both art forms. I performed my Kuchipudi Rangrapravesam in 2018, and I plan to do my Carnatic debut in 2022. Born and brought up in the United States, Indian movies, music, and dance have been a way for me to connect with my roots and culture. Singing is something I do in my free time as a stressbuster. I look forward to sharing this passion through the 3iii competition along with all other participants.