Register for Ganesh Murti Making Workshop and Guruvandana

Ganesh Festival is around the corner. We, the temple, HSS and MMKC have arranged Ganesh Murti making workshop at the temple on Aug 20 at 9AM. Let’s make murtis together. It would take approx. 3 hours. Painting would be done later at our homes. Although it is free, everyone needs to register using the link below:

Registration will help us to organize better. Please go through the flyer carefully and contact if in doubt. Don’t assume.

Note: Along with this, you can also register for Guruvandana event.
Guru Vandana is the event when we invite our (kids’) teachers/school teachers/gurus and show our gratitude towards them in Indian traditional way – this includes cultural performances. More details in “Guru Vandana” Section of this form.

Guruvandana event details:
When:  October 6, 2022 5PM-7PM
Where: Tomahawk Ridge Center, Overland Park KS

Know a little more about Guruvandana by clicking on glimpses from previous years Full: Please feel free to forward or contact for partnering.