Help Prathyusha: Severely injured in Car Accident

Pratyusha is a Masters’ student at the University of Central Missouri in the USA and is supposed to graduate in May 2022.

Unfortunately, she met with an accident while returning from her final fall semester class on Dec 2nd; she was just about to cross the road when the tragic incident happened.

Her fellow students have created a Fund page to raise funds for her treatment.

Family background

The news devasted her father, Basava Reddy. Her father is a farmer in India and leading a humble middle-class life, and we are still waiting for her parents to arrive from India. But sadly, passport/visa issues have been raised, creating so many delays., thereby putting the life of Pratyusha Mandpati at risk if we are unable to do something urgently to help her.

Therefore, we are asking for donations to help her with the medical bills and other financial obligations, including her daily living expenses throughout these trying times of her life. We know that times are hard for everyone. Any support you can offer us at this critical time will be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot donate at this time, please assist us in sharing the campaign. Sharing is free, but it can help us connect with more people who can give to this fundraiser. Share it on social media, and we will be very grateful to you.