Join KC Tamil Sangam – invitation of self nominations

Dear KC Tamil Sangam Member,

KCTS is pleased to invite interested patrons to serve in the Executive Committee for the year 2023.

You will be providing a Valuable Service to the Tamil Community in KC, while at the same time be ably supported by a strong team
as you enjoy planning and execution of fun filled activities for the community.

Our Sangam Consists of Seven members executive committee elected annually:

Cultural Coordinators (2 positions)
Communications Coordinator
Food Coordinator
This announcement is our call for Nominations to elect Cultural Coordinator (1 position), Communication Coordinator and Food Coordinator :
 Cultural Coordinator:
Cultural Coordinators should be able to plan and organize various cultural programs throughout the year.
The coordinators should be capable of identifying talents within our community and elsewhere bring those talents to our stage programs.
As they frequently serve as the MCs at our events, stage presence and presentation skills are an added bonus.
These positions are the cultural ambassadors of our KCTS so eloquence, people skills and networking with potential sponsors are important qualities expected of the candidate.
 Communications Coordinator: 
Our KCTS website, Facebook page, WhatsApp and emails have become the most important methods of two-way communications between Sangam and the community.The principal qualities of the communications coordinator include:a) Skills in creative writing – Tamil & English
b) Aptitude in enhancing written material into attractive presentation
c) Ability to learn/manage the requirements of our website, WhatsApp and email distribution
d) Preparing advertisement copy as necessary for our programs Food Coordinator: 
Many of our Sangam events include serving of catered food to the patrons and some may even include food preparation.
Being a connoisseur of fine food is an art in its own right and our food coordinator is not only a gourmet but a fine organizer and can do a great job, minimizing cost without compromising quality.
Since food is an important part of any gathering, the food coordinator often reaps wonderful praises from the community.

Please send in your nominations to the Board of Trustees of KC Tamil Sangam, by email to
Last Date to send Self-Nominations by Thursday, November 17th 2022.