Indian student sudden demise in fatal accident

Hello Everyone, Kranthi Kiran Reddy Sareddy, aged 25, a graduate student at University of Central Missouri.
On 07 May 2022, around 7:30 PM central time, he met with an car accident and declared dead by the paramedics at the accident spot. There were three other individuals who are involved in this car accident. All of them are rushed to emergency and being treated.
Kranthi was an exemplary individual known for his determination, dedication, resilience and joyous, fun nature at the same time.
On August 2021, he started his Master’s Degree. He was set to complete his masters in August, 2022.
April 2022, this year, he was working on getting into a internship in the occupation related to computer engineering. He was working hard to secure the employment in his chosen occupation as computer engineering.
On, 7th May 22, he was traveling with his roommates to visit a friend and on his way back home, met with an accident. He was seated on the front passenger side. His car was hit by a truck and Unfortunately, he was declared dead on spot.
His death is a tragic loss to his family, friends, colleagues, and anyone who has met him or known him. He has left family and friends in great sorrow.
Currently, the repatriation process is underway to send him to his home country, India, where his parents are going through an agonizing wait for his arrival.
Cremation rituals and ceremonies are scheduled in India upon his arrival.
Extending support to Kranthi and his family, this page is set up to collect funds.
All funds shall be used to perform the final rites, support his parents and celebrate his life the way he deserves.
Thank You
Sai Krishna Pusala