IAKC Chess Tournament – Virtual – Feb 26

Registrations Last Day Feb 24! Don’t Wait till last minute!

It’s time for IAKC’s Annual Chess Tournament. We are hosting it virtually following the norms for social distancing for everyone’s safety.
Competition is in three age categories as follows:
1) 5-9 years old
2) 10-17 years old
3) 18 years and above
If you haven’t yet, then this will be a great time to take membership of IAKC as Registration fee for the Chess Tournament is :
IAKC members- $10 per participant
Non-members- $15 per participant

The tournament has some standard rules –
  1. By registering, all players agree not to use outside assistance of any kind.
  2. Players may not listen to music, wear headphones, or have another electronic device near them while playing.
  3. Players must not have any other applications or browser tabs open on their computer while playing. Only the online game browser tab and the Zoom tab must be open during play.
  4. Players must use Zoom video monitoring at all times during their games.
  5. Players must always have video enabled in the Zoom meeting while they are playing.
  6. Players must agree to Zoom requests by IAKC tournament staff, including turning on audio, giving a scan of the area around a player, adjusting the camera angle, etc.
  7. Players must be prepared to present a form of identification if requested by sports coordinators.
  8. All games will be reviewed by the online platform and tournament staff during and after the event.
  9. Post-tournament actions could be taken against suspected fair play violators.
  10. No refund of entry fees will be given.
  11. Upon registration, you will be emailed instructions to play on February 25th.
Tournament results and standings will be adjusted as per US Chess rules. Guidelines and information are given below.
  1. Credentials and Zoom link for each participant will be sent in email one day before the tournament.
  2. Fair play rules will be applicable to the tournament.
  3. Zoom meetings will be mandatory for participants at all times during the tournament. Please refer to the fair play rules for more details.
  4. Tournament registration will close on February 24th.
  5. The Point system for the tournament will be 1 Point for the win, .5 points for the draw, and 0 for Loss. Time control for the tournament will be 15 minutes with 3 seconds increment. A 5 minutes break will be provided between rounds.
For any questions or concerns please reach out to our sports Coordinators.
(Email: sports@iakc.org | Jennu: 913-475-2993)
Please visit our webpage to register. The last date for registrations is the 24th of February. We won’t be able to take any requests past that.