IAKC – Call for Participation in Republic Day 2021 Celebrations

I am writing to reach out to you all for registrations for the event. Registrations need to be sent to us by 5th January 2021 to programchair@iakc.org.
Here are the rules and some important information about the programs
1. We have ONLY 10 slots with the duration of each item not exceeding 4 mins.
2. We have a limit for the number of solo performances so hurry up with your solo registrations. Solo peformances should NOT exceed 3 mins.
3. A group can be  with 2 or more participants.
4. We are open to performances being done with masks on
6. ONLY age 5 and above are allowed to participate.
6. All performances must be ONLY with a patriotic theme/song. You can use film songs but it has to be a patriotic number and not just any random song
7. All video files need to be sent to us by 15th January 2021 to programchair@iakc.org. No exceptions will be made for delayed files
8. All videos HAVE to be only in landscape mode. We will reject it if it’s not in landscape mode.
***Landscape mode is a horizontal orientation of a photo or video recording. If Auto-rotate is enabled even if you will rotate your phone your phone will still record in portrait not landscape***
Looking forward to hearing back from you and ‘seeing’ your performances virtually.
Please reach out to us if you have any questions.
Program Chair, IAKC