Help Krish Patel Beat Cancer

On November 14th 2021 Parul and Viral Patel’s life was forever changed after they got news their 5 year old son Krish had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. The family is understandably devastated but very hopeful because they have a team of amazing doctors in A working on a treatment plan for Krish.

Parul and Viral immigrated to the US in 2018 and have limited finical support from family (they do not have health insurance). While they might qualify for some financial relief for medical bills there will a lot of out of pocket costs they will not be able to afford. The family appreciates any small donation towards their son’s treatment and if you aren’t able to donate then your  prayers and well wishes will definitely be felt. Krish is a brave, bright and energetic 5 year old kindergartner that loves Paw Patrol and playing with trucks (fire trucks being his favorite ) and we hope and pray for a speedy treatment and recovery.

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