Happy Janmashtami Wishes from Art Of Living

Happy Janmashtami to everyone celebrating (birthday of Sri Krishna, the source of well known Bhagavad Gita)💕💐🙏

Krishna is known as the universal Guru.
There is a deep meaning behind the story of his breaking the pot (matka) and the butter (makhan) coming out of it. Here, the matka represents the body while butter represents the essence. Only when the outer covering is destroyed do we get the makhan.

What covers our blossomed consciousness is the sense of limited identification, the sense that “I am the body”. When we are happy, we “break out” by bursting into laughter. Similarly when love blossoms, we are “bursting with love”: that is the nectar inside us coming out as love; the handiwork of Krishna!

Krishna is known as makhan chor; he is the only thief who has been glorified! He steals the hearts of those who experience love; those whose consciousness has blossomed.

– Gurudev Sri Sri ..