Sangam Fund Raise Concert for COVID-19 & AMPHAN victims

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WHEN : 06/27/2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Online Event Overland Park

Dear Community Members,

As all of us know, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has altered the dynamics of the human race forever. Unfortunately, 2020 brought additional life changing events for some of us, making it a “double-whammy”. Yes, this is in reference to the recent devastating storm, AMPHAN in India.

In an effort to express our gratitude, SANGAM has decided to organize a Fund Raise Concert with soulful “Romantic Melodies by Sunil Mungee” on June 27 through Facebook Live.

Your generosity could uplift a few fallen ones, mend a few broken ones, and put a meal on the table for some hungry ones. Let us show our solidarity by joining this virtuous cause to demonstrate that SANGAM’s values are not limited to just promoting Bengali culture.

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