Kansas City Bengali Association

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Kansas City Bengali Association
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About This Business

Kansas City Bengali Association (KCBA) is a non-profit tax exempted (501c3) organization, established in 2010, to serve the Bengali community within and beyond the Greater Kansas City area.
Our distinctive identity relies on bringing an authentic “bengalism” to everybody in a transparent and democratic way where everyone’s voice will be heard equally and spontaneously. KCBA’s unique initiatives will not only be limited to organizing the best quality social and cultural programs, but also to build an active Bengali society owned simultaneously by kids, youth, adults and seniors.
KCBA is the only Bengali organization in this area which is formed with a goal to organize cultural, artistic, creative, sports, educational, and scientific activities involving the kids and younger generation utilizing inputs and experience from the seniors. Here we have a spectrum of friendly faces blending tradition with modernizations in an absolutely amazing way which is far beyond the limit of any smallness and self-centered interests.
All pervading openness, financial transparency and cultural uprightness are the best assets of KCBA. The inherent anthem of this great organization is the collaborative ownership by all community people. We urge everyone to own it through the presence and participation in the KCBA activities and events around the year.