Desi Bites

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Desi Bites
About This Business

Desi Bites is the Modern, Upscale Self Service Indian Fast Food Cafe, famous for its traditional Indian Cuisine at affordable prices. Desi Bites brings a diversified menu covering the Tiffin centers of Chennai, Biryani Cafes of Hyderabad, Chats from Streets of Mumbai, Kebabs of Lucknow, Indo-Chinese Delicacies of Kolkata and Delhi’s famous Mughlai Cuisine.

Desi Bites takes care of all their customers by using fresh ingredients sourced locally and prepared in extremely hygienic kitchens. Their Motto is “NO FOOD FROZEN EVER”. Their whole menu is prepared Fresh to provide a fulfilling experience and bring back the memories of home land.

Desi Bites Management & Master Chefs spent the last several years perfecting the recipes which are shared with the franchisees to prepare the sauces, mixes and curries to provide consistent flavor and authenticity across all the Desi Bites locations.

Desi Bites invested heavily in the technological platform to make the whole dining experience more pleasurable and efficient by providing Kiosks, Mobile Ordering Stations, Contactless Delivery Options, Mobile Apps and Order Trackers.

Come and help yourself to a quick delicious DESI BITE (Khate Jao…….).