Dinacharya – a Workshop from Art of Living KC

*DINACHARYA WORKSHOP on Sunday, Sept 11, – 10.30 am – 1.00 pm PT*
All are welcome! http://tiny.cc/wellness091122

*Dinacharya in Ayurveda means ‘daily routine’.*

It is a powerful way to cultivate positive change in your physical and emotional well being. Dinacharya practices are simple and effective and help to balance doshas, support in detoxifying the body and also aid digestion and absorption, among other benefits.

*You will be guided through:*
– Fundamental principles of Ayurveda including dosha, prakriti, and vikriti (constitution and imbalance)
– How to recognize imbalances in yourself and take steps to restore balance
– Rhythms of the body and nature (circadian rhythms and body clock)
– Daily powerful practices including oil massage, nasya, oil pulling and more
– Tips to keep an optimal balanced digestive fire
– Build immunity, get quality sleep