IAKC Thanks you for India Nite 2022

Us here at IAKC would like to express our immense gratitude to all our members for being with us on a vibrant and colorful India nite and making it a successful one. Your support and presence made the event whole.

We thank all the choreographers and participants for their time and effort to put in the best performance on India nite. You brought us all the best colorful and vibrant events.

Please check out the below link to access the stunning photos captured during this event.

India Nite 2022 Photos

Please visit our YouTube channel, to see the videoes which cover the performances of India Nite 2022. The videos will be loaded to this channel no later than Monday, November 7th.

IAKC Youtube Channel

IAKC India Nite Nov 5 2PM

IAKC India Nite:

A non-stop Bollywood, Classic, and Semi classic dance performances. Do not miss this colorful and vibrant show showcased every year and this year it is in Music Hall, on November 5th, at 2 PM.

Grab your tickets now from the below links.

For Members – https://iakc.org/events/india-nite-3/

For Non-Members – https://iakc.org/events/india-nite-3-271/


Olathe School Shooting – Message from IAKC

Many of you might have heard about an incident that happened in our community couple of days ago. Every time we hear about an act of school violence, especially the ones which are this close, it shakes us mentally and emotionally. There was an active shooter in the Olathe East Campus that resulted in people getting injured. We know that many of the children in our community go to Olathe East campus so as their parents as faculty, part-time staff, and volunteers.
While no community is immune to the senseless violence of these kinds, we know that these are the times we need to stick together as one community and share the resources which might help others in the community to get through.
As these incidents, unfortunately, happen in our community, please know that the schools in our community are equipped for being a support system the kids could rely on, and should parents find a need for their children to get support, do not hesitate to talk to your school facility.
Below is the resource link for such a support system provided by the Olathe school district and Blue Valley school district for its children. As stated above, there is nothing more important we can do than come together to support each other, our families, and our neighbors for the benefit of our children in our community.
Blue Valley: resources available

IAKC Chess Tournament – Virtual – Feb 26

Registrations Last Day Feb 24! Don’t Wait till last minute!

It’s time for IAKC’s Annual Chess Tournament. We are hosting it virtually following the norms for social distancing for everyone’s safety.
Competition is in three age categories as follows:
1) 5-9 years old
2) 10-17 years old
3) 18 years and above
If you haven’t yet, then this will be a great time to take membership of IAKC as Registration fee for the Chess Tournament is :
IAKC members- $10 per participant
Non-members- $15 per participant