🌟 Art of Living Premium Program with Swami Ji – Feb 12-14

Join us for an extraordinary experience with Swami Sadyojathah, a beacon of peace and joy, born in a royal family in Kerala. Since the early 1990s, he has dedicated himself to spreading the transformative teachings of Art of Living.

πŸ“… Dates: February 12-14, 2024

🌍 Location: Overland Park, KS

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Evidence based SKY Breath Meditation June 2-4

State of mind and state of life are directly connected. Do explore the upcoming SKY Breath Meditation to learn EVIDENCE BASED SKY BREATH to make your good life even better. Drop the stresses in the system affecting your body and mind! Feel light and enjoy overall wellbeing.


Jun 02-04

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World Cultural Festival – 2023

A healthy and happy mind is recognized by all of us as being vital for our well being. The past few years have been very challenging – the pandemic, climate change, the war and its resulting impact on the economy is affecting all of us. There have been increased reports of depression and anxiety even in young adults ever since the pandemic started. Addressing mental health issues is becoming vital not only for an individual but to our society as a whole. *The Art of living has been working relentlessly through the times to battle depression and mental health issues with its well researched techniques of the Sudarshan kriya and meditation.*


Exclusive Sanskrit Classes Online

Jai Gurudev πŸ™

Dear All, *Archana Shukla, * a long time Sanskrit Scholar teaches multiple streams of Sanskrit classes online.

*Level one Sanskrit ( introducing Sanskrit alphabets and guidance on Sanskrit pronunciation followed with chanting sessions )*

*Level two Sanskrit ( Introduction of core grammar sutras)*

*Sessions on derived grammar ( vibhakti, samas, Karak and developing the strategy to decode)*

*Sanskrit literature*

*In addition to this she also takes sessions on Bhagwat Gita shlokas , Patanjali Yoga sutras, sankhya philosophy, Ganapathi atharva sheersh etc*

As of now she has taught more than 500 participants across the globe.

Starting from next week , she will be teaching the following Sanskrit class .
*Sanskrit Level One Class*,
*Begins on November 9 & 10 at 5:30PM (PT) *Through Online zoom sessions*

Classes are 30 minutes in duration held twice a week for 6-8 weeks with a nominal fee.

*50- 75% *of proceeds will go towards the WCF 2023 Fund.*
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There is a couple of free orientation sessions this weekend for this level one class.

Classes are on zoom every Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30PM PT for 6-8 weeks.

To attend the Sanskrit level one orientation session . Please fill the google form & rsvp for one of the sessions. Also share this along with your friends, family & WhatsApp groups.


Thank you! JGDπŸ™

KCdesi Wishes everyone a Very Happy Dussehara

KCdesi Wishes everyone a Very Happy Dussehara!

Dinacharya – a Workshop from Art of Living KC

*DINACHARYA WORKSHOP on Sunday, Sept 11, – 10.30 am – 1.00 pm PT*
All are welcome! http://tiny.cc/wellness091122

*Dinacharya in Ayurveda means ‘daily routine’.*

It is a powerful way to cultivate positive change in your physical and emotional well being. Dinacharya practices are simple and effective and help to balance doshas, support in detoxifying the body and also aid digestion and absorption, among other benefits.

*You will be guided through:*
– Fundamental principles of Ayurveda including dosha, prakriti, and vikriti (constitution and imbalance)
– How to recognize imbalances in yourself and take steps to restore balance
– Rhythms of the body and nature (circadian rhythms and body clock)
– Daily powerful practices including oil massage, nasya, oil pulling and more
– Tips to keep an optimal balanced digestive fire
– Build immunity, get quality sleep

Happy Janmashtami Wishes from Art Of Living

Happy Janmashtami to everyone celebrating (birthday of Sri Krishna, the source of well known Bhagavad Gita)πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ™

Krishna is known as the universal Guru.
There is a deep meaning behind the story of his breaking the pot (matka) and the butter (makhan) coming out of it. Here, the matka represents the body while butter represents the essence. Only when the outer covering is destroyed do we get the makhan.

What covers our blossomed consciousness is the sense of limited identification, the sense that β€œI am the body”. When we are happy, we “break out” by bursting into laughter. Similarly when love blossoms, we are “bursting with love”: that is the nectar inside us coming out as love; the handiwork of Krishna!

Krishna is known as makhan chor; he is the only thief who has been glorified! He steals the hearts of those who experience love; those whose consciousness has blossomed.

– Gurudev Sri Sri ..


World Cultural Festival in Overland Park – Sept 10

The World Culture Festival is a global event series, organized by the Art of Living, that aims to build a more compassionate and harmonious society by bringing the people of the world together in celebration. Through song, dance, meditation, and dialogue, we share and explore our rich cultural diversity, and honor the underlying spirit that connects us all as one global family.

Why now? The past few years have brought extraordinary challenges to every strata of society. Divisions have been emphasized, and across the globe, feelings of isolation are at an all-time high. The World Cultural Festival aims to lift our spirits in celebration and unity, and replace feelings of isolation with a sense of belonging and community; reminding us all that we belong to the same planet, the same spirit, and the same global family … And that’s something worth celebrating.

This event at JCCC will showcase song, dance, dialogue, and food representing our rich cultural diversity.

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Spirit Of Enquiry – Art of Living Wisdom

Question – Gurudev, is spirit of
enquiry most important or dispassion?

Gurudev Sri Sri – When you watch television, what is important, seeing or hearing?Be natural. Don’t sit with too many concepts. Free the freedom. Don’t burden yourself with too much understanding. Too much analysis is as bad as no analysis at all. Take the middle path. You need to breathe in, that is passion. You need to breathe out, that is dispassion. Both are essential. You can’t say I only want dispassion. What do you want dispassion for? There is something in you which is
beyond dispassion. Dispassion is breathing out. Why should one breathe out? So that you can take a breath in again. Why are you breathing in? So that you can breathe out again. So, in life, all three are needed – passion, dispassion and compassion.

SKY Breath Meditation May 22-24


May 22-24( Sun to Tue; 6 to 9 PM CST)
An opportunity to experience inner silence and outer dynamism in the month of May, dedicated to mental health! Evidence based Sudarshan kriya is a practical simple tool to make good lives even better. Join us!

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Why is it recommended to have a no-mind (thoughtless) state?

Gurudev, why is it recommended to have a no-mind (thoughtless) state to experience divinity?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar :
Let me tell you a small story. It was a full moon night and there was a poet sitting in a boathouse. He had a small lamp in front of him, a candle and he was writing poetry. And it so happened there was a wind and the candle got blown out. When the candlelight was put off by the wind, at that moment the moon rays were reflecting in the home. He suddenly said, β€œSee, this small candle was obstructing my view of the moon.”

That moment there was an ecstasy, a joy. The moonlight was so beautiful, β€œAh!” He suddenly realized what he was missing. How come he couldn’t see this moonlight before? It was there all the time, but he couldn’t experience the joy of the moon, the fullness of the moon. A tiny candle was obstructing the view. See, you are looking at the sun or the space, and a small particle of dust is sufficient enough to cover your eyes, overshadow the whole view.

A small particle of dust can take away your vision of the Infinity. One single thought in the mind can restrict the awareness, the totality of your awareness. How big is your mind? How vast is your life? There are so many things in life. One small, little insignificant thought, insignificant thing, can clog and cloud your whole awareness. It can limit your mind. And any limitation means a distance from that pure love.

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Master the Breath = Master The Mind

Master the breath = Master the mind!

Link: Tiny.cc/aprsky222

SKY Breath and Meditation workshop Apr 22-24
BONUS: : Special session with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

So many methods suggested by Shri Krishna to still the mind. Don’t you think the easiest is our own breath? In the SKY workshop practical tools can be learned for sustained prana and better quality of life.. Do join us Apr 22-24.