Community Update: Aarya Chopade Earns Distinction in Hindustani Vocals

We are thrilled to announce that Aarya Chopade of Overland Park, Kansas, has achieved Distinction in Level 2 of the IndianRaga Certification for Hindustani Vocals! This prestigious honor is awarded to a select few applicants who demonstrate excellence and high standards in their genre and level.

IndianRaga, a renowned platform for promoting Indian classical arts, praised Aarya’s accomplishments:

“CONGRATULATIONS to Aarya Chopade of Overland Park, Kansas for receiving Distinction in Level 2 of the IndianRaga Certification for Hindustani Vocals! Select few applicants receive this honor for demonstrating excellence and high standards in their genre and level.”

Aarya, reflecting on this achievement, shared:

“Taking the exam makes you confident and defines the level you have reached. I was able to learn about four different Ragas – their Aroha, Avroha, Lakshan Geet, and Bandish. I am very grateful to my teacher Mrs. Rrucha Bapat, Saptak Music School, Overland Park, KS, for being an incredible teacher. Her guidance and passion for music have been truly inspiring. Her patience, knowledge, and dedication have not only enhanced my musical abilities but also enriched my love for music.” extends our heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Rrucha Bapat, whose exceptional teaching and mentorship have played a crucial role in Aarya’s success. Aarya’s family and friends also deserve recognition for their unwavering support throughout his musical journey.

This accomplishment is a testament to the thriving Indian classical music community in Kansas City, and we encourage aspiring musicians and dancers to pursue their certification with IndianRaga. Apply today at!

Once again, congratulations to Aarya Chopade, Mrs. Rrucha Bapat, and everyone involved in this remarkable achievement!

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