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Perfect Tutors Newsletter - December 2015 issue
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Perfect Tutors Newsletter - December 2015 issue

Perfect Tutors wishes you Happy Holidays!
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TRIUMPH - The monthly newsletter from Perfect Tutors
December 2015



The sleigh is on the way, Santa is coming with gifts, to fill the atmosphere with love, warmth and joy of the festive season. In this wonderful setting, we bring you our December 2015 newsletter, "Triumph". Do read and enjoy.

Preparatory Classes Are On!

Perfect Tutors have started preparatory classes for various math competitions. Join classes today and take advantage. Hurry, seats are limited!

Indian-American Teen Bagged "Champions of Change" Award

Swetha Prabakaran was among the eleven young women selected by the White House as “Champions of Change” award for empowering their communities.
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Perfect Tutors Math Kangaroo Mock-up Pics

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Math Kangaroo 2016

Math Kangaroo 2016 test is approaching fast. Work hard and prepare well for the test, which is scheduled on March 17, 2016.
Registration extended till December 31, 2015. Hurry!

Bamboo Strips - A Mathematical Wonder!

Researchers were taken aback when they found a set of ancient bamboo strips that was a mathematical wonder. Collection of 2,500-strip that dates back to 300 B.C. forms a matrix with rows and columns of numbers from ½ to 90, like a modern multiplication tables, yield a mathematical product where they intersect.
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Puzzle of the Month

Last week, I traveled from London to Stoke.
On the first day, I traveled one half of the distance.
On day two, I traveled one third of the remaining distance.
On day three, I traveled three quarters of the remaining distance.
Yesterday, I traveled one half of the remaining distance.
I now have 5 miles left to travel.
How far is it from Stoke to London in total?
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Answer to November Puzzle: 47 + 53 + 59 + 61 = 220

Book Worth Reading

Charlotte's Web
Author - E.B White
If everyone on earth read "Charlotte's Web", preferably once a year, the world would be a better place, more generous, more patient, and more receptive to the unlikely.

Parent's Speak

"I do appreciate your program. You taught my daughter what she needed for the acceleration test. I believe that you had done a wonderful job and I will recommend you any friends who need help in their kid's Math." - A Parent

Quote of the Month

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." – Napoleon Hill

Do You Know?

The world's oldest dress was found in Egypt and was 5000 year old.

Math Fact

The sign (=) was invented by 16th century Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde who was bogged down of writing "is equal to" in his equations.
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