Appeal for Satyajit

During the journey of life, we meet many philanthropists and kind-hearted people amidst us that help our community in various ways and always for a good cause. Sometimes hands are tied as to how to raise funds for a certain need. Suddenly resources seemed to be scarce and the time is running out.


I am serious to share a real situation of an unfortunate child who must be given quick medical care and funds are urgently needed. This is an appeal to raise funds for chemotherapy treatment of Satyajit, a 13-year-old diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer). Satyajit comes from an extremely needy and poor family from a remote village of Medinipur district of West Bengal, India. His family absolutely has no financial means to deal with this crisis. Your generous donations will help this poor boy to avail a complete course of chemotherapy treatment and save his life. A few important chronological events are discussed below.

· In March 2017, Satyajit’s health problem started with his left knee, from a small hurt in the knee joint and tibia. Local primary care doctor could not diagnose the Osteosarcoma initially and assumed it was due to the sprain that Satyajit suffered during play. As his condition worsen, local primary care doctor treated him with painkillers and antibiotics. However, his left knee continued to deteriorate and he started having fever and severe pains. Seeing his condition, people from his village raised funds and sent him to Sathya Sai Baba Hospital Trust in Bangalore, India where indigent patients are treated for free or with minimal medical expenses.

· On June 8, an Orthopedic doctor at Sri Sathya Sai Baba Hospital recognized the issue and referred him to MS Ramaiah (MSR) Memorial Hospital in Bangalore, where he was admitted.

· In the last 12 days, pathological tests, MRI and biopsy were conducted. The test results revealed Osteosarcoma on tibia head at knee joint. A copy of the diagnosis tests report will be made available upon request. MSR Hospital discharged the patient on June 20th because the patient cannot be treated there.

· After consulting with couple of doctors in India including one Oncologist based in US and considering their recommendation, the patient’s family was suggested to go to the Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India for treatment. At CMC, several tests including Bone Scan, CT Thorax, biopsy, ear test, heart test and multiple blood tests, etc. were further carried out again to ensure correct diagnosis. CMC confirmed Osteosarcoma and advised the patient’s family that the following:

(1)   Step-1: First 2 cycles of Chemotherapy (8 Chemo) and multiple tests – just started

(2)   Step-2: Surgery (to save the leg without amputation if possible) and multiple tests

(3)   Step-3: Next 4 of cycles Chemotherapy (16 Chemo) and multiple tests

(4)   Anticipated treatment length would be 12 months.

CMC also advised the family that they must stay in the city during the entire course of treatment. Projected cost is approximately of $23,000 US Dollars (Rs. 15 lakhs) for treatment and 12 months stay.  Although there was little help the family from the onset of this episode, they realized that the total anticipated expense is beyond one’s limited capacity. It is one of the reason to reach out to everyone for financial assistance to save this boy’s life.  Please treat this as a sense of urgency and donate towards saving this boy’s treatment. Any supporting document regarding the boy’s medical treatment or his family’s financial status will be provided upon request. Also, if any of you know anyone at CMC administration or governing body in Vellore, please request them to provide medical treatment to Satyajit for free or at a reduced cost. Your helps in any form may save this boy’s life.

Please write your CHECK to the following:

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If you need Bank account number for your generous donation, please email me.

On behalf of Satyajit’s family, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your kind support in advance. Please pray for Satyajit’s speedy recovery.  

Best regards,


(A well-wisher of Satyajit)



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