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About KCDesi

Operating since 2001, KCdesi is designed to bring the South Asian community of Greater Kansas City closer together. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can describe in detail who they are and what services they provide, and list their events and announcements. Users may browse and add events, read blogs, participate in forums, and post classifieds.

KCDesi.com has the largest foot print in the South Asian community in Kansas City area. We have numerous options to provide you maximum visibility for your buck.

We also offer volume discounts and monthly plans. Once you make the payment, you will be contacted by one of our representatives (1 business day) to post your ad. Alternatively you can email the ad or details to us at advertising AT KCDesi.com and we will post it as soon as we can - maximum within 24 hours of your payment.

Advertise on KCdesi

  1. KCdesi currently uses Paypal to do all the credit card transactions.
  2. You can email advertising@kcdesi.com with any questions or text us from Facebook.

We have multiple advertisement options, here are some of them:

Special Advertisements

Job Posting15.00 USD
for 30 days
MonthlyPackage-Facebook Posting15.00 USD
for 30 days
MonthlyPackage-Home Page Banners: 468x60 pixels45.00 USD
for 30 days
MonthlyPackage-Infomercials!15.00 USD
for 30 days
MonthlyPackage-Side Banners: 200x95 pixels22.00 USD
for 30 days
MonthlyPackage-Top Banners: 300x90 pixels45.00 USD
for 30 days
MonthlyPackage-Video Spot10.00 USD
for 30 days
OneTimeService-Event Publicity30.00 USD
for 14 days
OneTimeService-Exclusive Email Service100.00 USD
for 1 days
PerWeekPackage-Banner Next To Logo - One At A Time Only - One Week Only50.00 USD
for 7 days
YearlyPackage - Infomercials150.00 USD
for 365 days
YearlyPackage-Home Page Banners: 468x60 pixels420.00 USD
for 365 days
YearlyPackage-Side Banners: 200x95 pixels180.00 USD
for 365 days
YearlyPackage-Top Banners: 300x90 pixels420.00 USD
for 365 days